From listener Paul, a new twist on NRE:

My wife and I have been having an odd time lately. Mis-communicating, getting on each other’s case, etc etc.

Last night there was another such episode, shortly before we went to bed, and when we did go to bed, she didn’t want talk about it (just as well, I hate talking about stuff when we’re just about to go to sleep). But that left both of us (I think) with a weird, unsettled feeling as we were trying to get to sleep.

It suddenly dawns on me what that feeling was:

ORE” — “Old Relationship Energy.”

This cracked me up to no end! I don’t mean to diss established relationships; they have their own joys and rewards. It’s true, though, that this is the sort of thing you just don’t experience with NRE. However, I still say that more chances for miscommunication are also more chances for really great, relationship-deepening communication.


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