Poly book nook: Approaching the Swingulariy

An interview with Cooper S. Beckett, author of the new novel, Approaching the Swingularity

From the novel:

“Welcome home…”

Those words and a glass of sparkling champagne welcome you to Aphrodite’s Resort and Spa, a place of pleasure and debauchery, situated on a strip of white sand beach on the Riviera Maya.

One hundred and eleven couples (including some old friends) have descended upon this resort for a week of the finest food and drink, meeting and flirting, and getting down and dirty with friends and lovers alike. They will experience ecstasy and strain, for nothing is quite so intense in non-monogamous lifestyles as seven straight days at a resort filled with like-minded hedonists.

Why did you decide to write this book?

I wanted to tell stories of non-monogamy without being constrained to single relationships like the last book. Telling the stories of seven characters and numerous background characters, I could explore every last facet of the various lifestyles that interested me.

Who do you think/want to read this book?

Non-monogamous people, certainly, but I hope those in mono relationships too. I think there’s a lot to be said about relationships in general in her. That, and there’s a lot of hot sex.

Why would the Poly Weekly audience want to read your book?

It depicts swinging, sure, but many of the relationships in the book are either established or budding polyamory.

What did you learn from writing this book?

I learned to never try to nail down where a story will go other than broad strokes. Every character changed on me and informed their own stories. It was a wonderful experience.

So, tell us about the sex…

After having very little sex in my first novel, I really wanted to dive in and write sex scenes that explore all the nooks and crannies of this sexy place. I also wanted to be very conscious of the sheer breadth of variety of sex in the world, in these lifestyles, so we run the gamut from hetero normative couples through to gay and bi, trans sex, group sex, silly sex, intense sex, gang bangs. It’s…hot.

Are there really places like this resort?

This novel is my love letter to a place I adore, Desire Resort. My whole goal was to capture the feeling I get whenever I’m there. My Aphrodite’s may not quite be Desire, but if I made it close…that’s a big win.

Approaching the Swingularity is available now.

Cooper S. Beckett is the author of novels A Life Less Monogamous and Approaching the Swingularity: Tales of Swinging & Polyamory in Paradise, and his memoir My Life on the Swingset: Adventures in Swinging & Polyamory.

With Dylan Thomas, he co-founded Life on the Swingset, a website about swinging, polyamory, and open relationships from the trenches, and hosts its titular flagship podcast for the last seven years. On both the site and podcast, they tackle sex, relationships, and their accompanying accouterments, and what it means to be open sexually in a world that’s often closed.

He spent much of his life afraid of sex, sexuality, his bisexuality, his true interests, and global thermonuclear war. Today, his work is as eclectic as it is eccentric. He travels to speak on sexuality and non-monogamy, has been a guest expert on Dan Savage’s Savage Lovecast, and his is the voice that welcomes you to Tristan Taormino’s radio show/podcast Sex Out Loud.


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