Had a great time giving this talk at Poly Living West, hosted for the first time in Seattle! As always, the discussion afterward was far more interesting and thought-provoking. Thanks to everyone who participated!


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  1. Sugar junkie November 15, 2010 at 10:13 am · ·

    I really liked the idea about writing your own user manual!

  2. Terrific presentation and personal manual…You walk your talk!
    I encourage all to practice this with every relationship:))ken

  3. Great podcast! The concept of a Personal Manual is a great idea, even if you’re pursuing a monogamous relationship.

  4. Hey – Great cast. Thanks for posting. User Manual as a Path to Self Knowledge. Wow. Love it.

  5. I just read your “owner’s manual” blog piece from 2010…I have this to say:

    “I don’t suppose you could aspeed things up?”
    “this isn’t as easy as it looks, so if you don’t mind…”


    “think it’ll work?”
    “it’ll take a miracle”


    really glad I found your site.

    Thanks for writing.

    All the best,

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