Started the day reviewing yesterday’s accomplishments and explorations. One of the best ideas was a butcher-paper timeline that everyone wrote on, from “before 1900” to “where we’re going” in the areas of Self, Group, Movement and Culture. A cool group project that encouraged us to think and see where we are in relation to everyone else in the room. And yes, there are plans to refine the facts and publish a polyamory timeline.

Quote from Reid Mihalko: “Stop being angry that people don’t get you. It only shuts them down.”

Good message from Airica Love: Speak in the language of people you are trying to influence. Speak as to what will benefit them, not what will benefit us.

Questions discussed this morning:

What do you come out of this presentation wanting to talk about?

What do we now see about how we might grow this movement?

Where are we falling short?

Sadly, that’s all I got before hopping into the snowstorm and out into the breach.


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