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0:00 Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to; friend me on Twitter and answer questions about what you want on the show, call 206-202-POLY with comments.

1:30 Announcement: Poly Weekly forums!
Yes, the Poly Weekly forums are finally up! Discuss show topics or bring up your own questions and topics. Sign up, log in and chat today! Special thanks to Sc00ter for setting them up and to Vincenza for offering to moderate them!

Minx will miss this month’s Many Loves seminar in Chicago, but only because she’s filming the porn episode for the Midwest Teen Sex Show!

If you’d like to discuss poly books, check out Joreth’s Shelfari poly book discussion group, with great online resources and book discussions!

5:00 Topic: Dirty, rotten cheaters
Amy Gahran’s sending me this internet poll on whether cybersex “counts” as cheating sparked a discussion/rant about what “cheating” actually is, both in monogamy and in polyamory. See how Wikipedia defines cheating.

16:20 Feedback
Jeremy wrote in on jealousy from episode 133, blaming society; 18:30 Jamie comments on episode 134, the Love Maps episode, mentioning that the episode might have caused some uncomfortable introspection; 20:45 Scott comments on episode 87 and the idea of “discretion”; 23:00 ML asks for advice on what to do when a metamour breaks your heart–but is still dating your partner

29:00 Wrap-up
Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email or call the listener comment line at 206-202-POLY. And hey, why not attach an audio comment to that email? 🙂 Check out PolyWeekly at Thanks for listening!


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  1. What ML described sounded more of a triangle to me. Sure, she is not in love with Jenny, but a close friendship is still a strong emotional relationship. From that point of view this situation is a triangle where there is a crisis between two of the people.

    ML did not specify what exactly broke her heart, so it’s hard to give specific advice. However ML said she still considers Jenny her friend, so I’d recommend shiploads of communication between them to heal this crisis as soon as possible. Clearly she wants this thing solved, and if Jenny does too, the sooner they start working on it, the better for all of the people involved.

    If Jenny however is not interested in friendship anymore, I think ML can choose not to interact with Jenny for a while. After all, she is not dating Jenny, her partner is. While I do think that ignoring can make things harder for their mutual partner, it’s unlike that the result would be as bad as two women ending up pretending to get along. While I think liking your meta-amour is preferable, I don’t think it’s mandatory in any way.

    Good luck, and strenght to you ML.

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