0:00 Introduction and host chat
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1:34 Introduction of our guest!
Tacit Franklin Veaux from http://www.xeromag.com/fvpoly.html is working on a book proposal for a practical guide on dealing with poly. Minx sits down with him in Atlanta to talk about his new project.

2:00 Interviewing Tacit
Minx and Tacit are outside enjoying the fresh air of Atlanta. It took Tacit about 15 minutes to get the request for a proposal!

3:14 Tacit puts the request out for people to contact him with their great stories. He would love to hear from people who are really succesful or who have made mistakes and worked through them. You can mail him at tacitr@aol.com (Yeah, I know. I was thinking the same thing. AOL? Really? – FS)

4:20 Some interesting topics in Tacit’s book we might not have seen in other books. He plans on having a practical how-to guide outside of the other subcultures (e.g. paganism, bdsm). Also, poly/mono relationships and poly relationships that aren’t based on a core “couple.”

8:20 (Man, is it loud out there! 🙂 – FS)

8:45 What happens if our partner compares us to the other people? How do we not let that bother us?

10:15 Great story about Minx’s sex life. Pretty hot!

12:37 NRE shouldn’t totally make your brains dribble out your ears!

14:00 How does trust and faith play into this? To Tacit, faith implies a lack of evidence.

16:20 Minx attempts to drag teasers out of Tacit. He mentions a chapter on common Poly mistakes

17:00 Tacit outed himself to his hairdresser who thought poly was ok because “all men cheat anyway!” He delicately let the conversation drop.

18:25 Media liked to present poly like what the hairdresser thought. Fortunately, that is changing.

19:30 Minx puts a call out to the Religious Right to persecute her! and um, something about having sex with goats….

20:08 It would appear Tacit gets around… Thanks for the interview Tacit! You can hear Tacit again on episode #116.

22:38 Another thanks to Tacit. A very tired Minx is getting ready for Shibaricon where she won’t be too “tied up” (Get it! Tied up! HAHA! erm, anyway – FS) to do some interviews while there.

SPECIAL THANKS to Raymond for putting together this week’s show notes! (That’s me btw – FS)

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