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Polycamp Ontario is happening near Toronto Aug 29th-Sept 1st with special guest, Andrea Zanin.

Some more places you can find Tristan Taoromino:

  • June 15th she will be at A Woman’s Touch in Milwaukee doing a book reading.
  • June 17th she will be at the Smitten Kitten in Minneapolis for a workshop on anal pleasure 101.
  • June 18th “Making Open Relationships Work” Seminar at A Womans Touch in Madison.
  • June 19th She will be at Left Bank Books doing a reading.

or you can to her website.

4:25 Looking through the forums Minx found the “hitting on people” topic was very hot.
How do you hit on people?

5:30 Minx talks about her challenge being a bottom but asking for people for “scenes.”  (That is when kinky people play with each other, for those who don’t know. -FS)

5:50 Huckleman brought up some great points in the forums.  First, don’t hit on people who are excessively drunk or if you are excessively drunk. Two, try and think of something nice to say specific to the person you are hitting on.  (I can see the Tina Fey thing. -FS). And third, be ready to make a new friend.  Not all encounters need to be romantic.

7:37 “No compliment should go unspoken” is a great philosphy Minx shares with us.

8:42 Beaker shares his insecurities with hitting on people.

9:15 Complimenting people, talking to them, etc can be a way of life, not necessarily a way to hit on them.  If you do that enough, you won’t find it hard talking to new people.

10:15 RimJ posts in the forums about dating geek boys and how to deal with them.  (I love the term “clue x 4” -FS)

11:00 Curos printed a bunch of business cards that said “I am hiting on you” when back in college.

12:16 Glorfunk tries the numbers game.  Hit on everything until somebody says yes! :).  Minx talks about a sociology study testing this philosphy.

13:44 Looking for something specific can make it difficult to find somebody who will make you happy. (Oh my god this rings true for me.  I am never in anybody’s “list” but i make so many poeple happy! -FS)

14:30 Glorfunk also mentioned going someplace and hitting on 100 persons.  Minx agreed and pointed out that she thought this was a great idea.  If you do something 100 times it doesn’t feel so painfully difficult.  (I would add, hit on a 100 people you KNOW would say no.  You will learn “no” really doesn’t hurt.  What does the bible say “Death, where is thy sting?” -FS)

15:35 RimJ linked to a great article by Andrea Zanin that Minx discusses.

23:12 The Minx tells a great story about being in a dungeon and somebody taking the chance and asked if Minx was interested in some “work.”  (ok, that is a poor translation but I am getting tired. -FS)

26:23 A great idea is to practice in “low risk” situations.  This would be a place you feel safe and you aren’t worried about making a fool of yourself.  For Minx, this is the Ren Fair.  You might find someplace where you have lots of friends around you who won’t judge.

28:20 (and in today’s adventure we learn the Minx is shy!! That is so cute! -FS)

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