0:00 Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to www.scarleteen.com; friend me on Twitter and answer questions about what you want on the show, call 206-202-POLY with comments or discuss your own topics at the new FORUMS at http://forum.polyweekly.com.

1:30 Minx will be changing the feedback model a bit.  The show will move to a few feedback on each episode rather than any more feedback episodes.

3:23 Jacob from Texas called in to recommend Minx try out (some device i couldn’t understand and had no idea what it was -FS).  It appears Minx doesn’t have one of these and would love to sacrifice her body to review it!

4:59 CalendarGirl called in to tell us about the success of her triad relationship and to let people know that they can work.  Minx asked other people in succesful poly/open relationships to call or write in.  We love hearing those stories.  She also asks people who have had several years of success to write to Dr Laura Berman.  and tell her your story.  She has said she doesn’t believe such a relationship can exist so lets prove her wrong!

7:50 Jeremy wrote in to tell us his story.  Jeremy is bitter because he doesn’t feel that he can tell people that he is not monogamous and they will be willing to enter a serious relationship with him.  Minx comisserates and talks about her own struggles with these kinds of issues.

12:07 Chuck mailed in to tell us about frubble! This is a great story about how Chuck enjoyed watching his wife and gf really become comfortable with each other and themselves.

13:30 Hugo wrote in about swedish relations anarki. <link wikipedia>

15:00 More feedback on where to meet poly people!
(Last time I saw Minx I mentioned burning man events as a great place to meet poly people but I think she forgot about that. 🙂 -FS)

15:40 Bitsy comments on cuddle parties from cuddleparty.com.  Bitsy mentions swing and ballroom groups and maybe some martial arts communities might be open to open relationships.  Minx has not had quite the same experience at swing dance events.

18:47 Tim wrote in talking about swing clubs and whether it is ok to meet people there.  Tim agrees there is a taboo against man on man action but there really isn’t a real rule against it in most places.  Tim points out that lots of women actually do get turned on by two guys going at it.  He suggests actually trying this at swing clubs and pushing their boundaries.  (man do I ever agree with this.  This would be awesome to see. -FS)

20:55 John wrote in and also mentions being bi in the swing community and talks about his experience.

22:27 Paula wrote in about an Australia swingers site http://couples.net.au

23:45 Minx asked in 153 why the engineering geeks tended towards poly.  Matt mentioned the article here http://paulgraham.com/nerds.html.  All you popular AND smart people mail minx!

25:03 Valen called in from Massechusetts. She mentions collarme.com as a great place to meet people if you are into BDSM.  She also talks about her experience looking for a kink friendly obstetrician.

32:12 Fred comments on episode 154, metamour relations. Fred has a friend who has metamour who is dying.  He pointed out this shows one of the strengths of polyamory.

33:05 DonutRooter talks about how much she likes poly weekly and commented that we had a couple episodes squished together. 🙂  Minx said we were trying to avoid that but it happens on occasion.  The hope is the show goes out by thursday or friday but it could be as late as sunday.

34:40 scooter calls in (hey scooter! -FS) calls in and talks about how much the Ethical Slut and POlyamory have a great message even for a monogamous person.

36:13 The next comments were about episode 157 RTFM!

36:20 Mark calls in and tells us how much he likes the the idea even if he thought of it a long time ago. 🙂

38:07 Fred mailed in and also talks about his own manual especially when it comes to medical issues.

42:04 Devin wrote in and included the entire Preface to his user manual.

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