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0:00 Introduction and host chat

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4:21 Pete posted his personal guidelines for a happy poly relationship.  Not rules of what you can’t do, but things you should do.

  1. Love is infinite, but not resources
  2. Be honest with yourself
  3. set your boundaries, and respect others
  4. Avoid drama!
  5. Be aware of how you are spending your rescources
  6. Slow the fuck down!
  7. When you fail pick yourself up and move on

7:58 Minx’s Guidelines:

  1. I am responsible for my own happiness
  2. Enjoy love as long as you have it.
  3. My time is a limited resource.
  4. Have the courage to say no.
  5. Self-Knowledge is invaluable. (wait, this is number one)
  6. Embrace communication with your loves and their loves.
  7. Welcome change.
  8. Avoid drama.
  9. Never forget to ask “how do you define sex”
  10. Long distance relationships suck

11:40 Listener Feedback
DDog makes a comment about succesful poly relationships and calling Doctor Laura with information on them.  She disagrees that it takes length to define a succesful relationship.

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