Poly Weekly #165: Polyamory in Metamor City

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0:00 Introduction and host chat
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Debrah Taj Anapol’s Love Without Limits: Surrendering to the River of Love, September 20-21, Tokyo, Japan

An interview with Chris Lester, creator and host of the Metamor City podcast

4:28  Minx sat down with Chris Lester and talk about polyamory and how it is used in his science fiction story.

5:43 Chris mentions that his story is more cyberpunk or science ficiton/fantasy.  (What?!? Minx has no knowledge of cyberpunk!?  i know who I am sending a copy of Neuromancer! -FS)

6:57 On his way to his new home in California, Chris took some time to talk to us.

7:36 This is an anthology series.  A bunch of stories set in this fictional universe.

8:20 The latest insallment is called “Making The Cut”

9:01 Chris talks about the telepathic community in the story who are communal and use polyamory as a standard relationship model.

10:30 The telepaths are a minority and use polyamory as a way of breeding faster.

12:22 According to Chris, this is a model for building up a society starting with small core group of people.

14:00 In this society, you take the strongest male and breed them with many women.

16:00 Minx asks whether a high level female is as important as a high level male?  Chris tells us why this isn’t the case.

18:51 Minx asks Chris to talk about the dynamics of the breeding cells.  Is there jealousy?  Chris goes into detail on how things are never how they seem on the outside.

21:05 In this society, children are socialized at a young age and the people who they end up socializing the most with end up in breeding cells together.

23:27 This story focuses on a low power telepath and his rejection from the breeding cell.

24:00 Minx asks, why lesbians?  No kids! (um, cuz we are nerds and like hot girl on girl? -FS) So they can make people bi-sexual?  Everybody must love!

25:20 Gay men is tolerated in this society, especially among low power males.

27:00 Minx asks about muse and how he came up with the telepaths and such.

27:55 Chris was influenced by an episode of Babylon 5 for his collective telepaths.

30:25 Chris uses this society as a metaphor for his problems on how the US deals with the world and the Church deals with the world.

37:01 According to Chris all sex is rape in the elephant seal community. (well, i would more call it aggressive, not necessarily rape. -FS)

41:00 too hot in the studio! must end the interview.  Thanks Chris!

42:10 Ellie from Bedroom Radio called in to let us know that Bedroom Radio is back!! Go and listen! Also, send her sex toys to review!

43:40 Must sex toys to Minx! Especially that iPod vibrator thing.

43:57 Amul called in with feedback to feedback from 152.  Some spaces such as sci-fi cons where time is limited it is ok by him to go to women and be more direct about your desires.

47:22 Pikachu comments on episode 161 about how he likes the new format for feedback.

48:14 Chris comments on episode 162 about the user manual and thought it was brilliant.

49:15 a friend commented that the user manual is all about minx.  What about what minx can do for others?  Minx’s response?  Contact the marketing department.  (ok, that made me laugh. -FS)

(Hey! I am wonderful too! -FS)
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