Poly Weekly #167: Real people open up

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0:00 Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to www.scarleteen.com; friend me on Twitter and answer questions about what you want on the show, call 206-202-POLY with comments or discuss your own topics at the forums at http://forum.polyweekly.com.

(This episode was a bit difficult to timecode.  People didn’t keep repeating their names so I wasn’t able to always tell who was who.  I did what I can.  -FS)

4:20 This weeks subject for the online book review.  “The Myth Of MOnogamy”

6:15 Minx starts by asking everybody if they have read the book.  Tom and Eros both participated in the discussion.

6:43 Minx asks, what things really grabbed them.  Eros commented on how specific the conversation needs to be on sex and love.

8:00 Minx points out that her and a previous partner had different ideas of what “sex” and “scening” was.  Communication would have brought this out.

9:10 Tom agrees and talks about his relationship and how his partner and him come from different backgrounds.

10:30 Tom and Minx discuss different meanings of “sex.”

12:10 Tom points out that he is mainly mono in his relationship from laziness!

12:48 Greg has also joined us from text.

13:00 Minx asks if any other revelations from the book.  Eros talks about the meaning of “polyamory”

14:50 (I think this is Tom) brings up when your partner ends up with somebody you don’t think they should be with.

16:30 Minx asks Tom how the book helped him in that scenario.

18:00 The discussion moves to dealing with your partners when they start to make mistakes and how to deal with them.

19:20 Minx quotes from the section of the book on the kind of people to look for and talks about it.

20:07 Eros thinks you have a responsbility to say something to your partner if they are making a mistake but don’t badger them.  He brings up an example in his own life.

22:00 (I am not sure who this is, Tom I think) talks about the unique experience of being poly where you might have to help your partner with comfort on the loss o a lover.

23:40 (I think Tom’s) wife loved the book.

24:20 Minx comments the section on sexual health and safer sex practices and how much she likes it.

27:00 it’s hot in chicago! 🙂

27:00 Minx brings up the chapter on common challenges and problems.  Eros references back to the interview with Tacit to talk about NRE (New RElationship Energy).

29:00 Minx talks about her opinion on NRE using some excerpts from the book.

31:09 Eros asks if there is a way to tell when the NRE falls off.

32:10 Minx brings up other common problems from this chapter and asks for opinions.

33:10 Eros brings up time management and the group disucsses this topic.

36:50 (Eros I think) brings up three different definitions of love from the book and Minx adds to this discussion.

39:35 Eros felt the book made sense to him.

40:18 Eros is working through fluid bonding issues which starts a discussion.

Thanks to Tom and Eros for working on the announcing themselves.


  • CPR for kinky people, Saturday, September 13, 2008, 10 am-6pm, Leather Archives & Museum, $90; Contact Descara: vdescara@yahoo.com
  • Meet and Greet, October 4th, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia

Online Book Discussion: Tristan Taormino’s Opening Up
Tristan Taormino’s Opening Up

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  1. What city is the CPR for kinky people class in?

  2. Cunning Minx August 12, 2008 at 9:26 am · ·


    Oh, sorry! It’s here in Chicago.

  3. Vixen & The Ox September 16, 2008 at 11:35 am · ·

    I am new to this, thank you so much for this episode. I am in I guess a V relationship with The Ox, my first and great love and former Fiance’ (Long story). I get this “Trust me Vixen, Jasymyn is okay with us. She “understands” our relationship with eachother – meaning sexual is there. We talk and are friends… ironically I am from Chicago and hope you are not underwater right now. Your advice and your past pod casts are such a treasure to understand this newness into this realm.


  4. oops, meant for this on the “Okay” is a four letter word page. Sigh, trying to figure out my hubby’s computer.

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