Poly Weekly #168: If you don’t like it, you can’t have any

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0:00 Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to www.scarleteen.com; friend me on Twitter and answer questions about what you want on the show, call 206-202-POLY with comments or discuss your own topics at the forums at http://forum.polyweekly.com.

2:20 Allen interviewed Oberon Zell for us.

2:53 Allen asks Oberon how he first got into polyamory.

3:00 Oberon talks about monogamy and non-monogamy in nature and how that influenced him along with things like Heinlen.

6:00 Oberon talks about how they used “Stranger in a Strange Land” to “feel” out potential poly people.

7:00 He moves on to the Church of All-Worlds.

7:30 Oberon talks about how these kinds of connections don’t need to break up with somebody just because you find somebody new, unlike serial monogamy.

8:40 Oberon talks about his triad and the dynamic.

10:00 Allen mentions the work involved in polyamory. Oberon points out the work is really the same kind of work required for a monogamous relationship.

10:30 Oberon points out that he likes having a built in “mediator”

11:10 Oberon talks about the motivation for his partner Morning Glory to write and article and the origin of the word “polyamory.”

12:23 Oberon doesn’t like the word non-monogamous as it is a negative.

15:20 Oberon then goes on to how the community grew from there.

16:50 Allen asks about people who are struggling with the idea of polyamory or learning about it, where does he recommend.

17:20 Oberon talks about jealousy and his (lack of) experience with it.

18:30 Oberon points out, if you can love more than one person, you are polyamorous.

21:00 Oberon talks about raising kids in a poly environment.

22:40 Allen and Oberon talk about the amazing amount of poly resources out there.

23:50 Thanks Allen for doing the interview!

24:00 Polyamory in the News!

28:06 Minx talks about her impression on the Secret Lives Of Women episode mentioned in Poly In The News

28:37 Minx is going to be at Poly Pride Day in NYC and giving a speech with Tristan Taorimino.  Sunday Oct 4th.  Minx is looking to do meetups, tweetups so if you have any ideas email Minx.  Subject line “POly NYC” or “Poly Pride Day.”  She is also developing ideas for her keynote.  If you have any ideas (must be appropriate where children might be) email her those as well.

30:11 For the first time, Gaia Point by <>

30:30 This episode is about her experience putting writings together about bisexuality and polyamory.

31:11 She was very interested in the poly community and the bisexual community and asking herself why they were so interesting.

32:00 She talks about the more academic work and other resources about this subject.

34:13 She brings up in the west we are raised to believe we are superior to the primitives because we have “monogamy.”

35:34 The question she was asking is, why do we consider some things sacred?

37:20 Minx talks about Jack Jaffe’s sci-fi podcast.

38:00 (man i hope there are going to be pix of Minx as Ineara -FS)

38:30 Promo for Jack Jaffe’s podcast.

42:42 Jacob emails about comments and was happy to hear bedroom radio was still being made.

43:30 DDog decided he needed to subscribe to “Making the Cut” because of the interview.

44:00 Next week we are giving feedback on episode 166 “Ok is a four letter word”.  People hvae written/called in about Minx’s reaction to Maverick’s comment.  A lot of people disagree with the way Minx handled that comment. (I am not one of those -FS) so expect a big listener feedback section next week.

Interview: Oberon Zell

Poly in the News

The Gaia Point

Promo: Down the Road

Humor: Tips for Dragon*Con

Listener Feedback
Bedroom Radio
Chris Lester’s Metamor City

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