This week’s Poly Weekly #170: Loving More with Robyn Trask, a special interview with the director of Loving More organization.

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0:00 Introduction and host chat
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1:30 Minx is off to DragonCon!

1:35 Today’s episode is an interview with Robyn Trask

5:30 <somebody> called in to let us know that there is a new poly group forming in Phoenix.  It is on the 3rd tuesday of the month of each month and the first one will be at Gaines Grill in the Tempe MarketPlace in Tempe, AZ.

7:05 Robyn’s schedule is busy!

7:14 Loving More’s office has moved to Loveland, CO.  The move was onto an 11 acre ranch where they hope to have some workshops, retreats, etc.

8:00 Minx asks Robyn if she notices the types of questions by the mainstream media is different than when she started.

8:45 Robyn tells us about an interesting interview she did with the Christian Broadcast Network.

11:20 Minx asks Robyn about her interview with momlogic.

12:07 Robyn talks about the various interviews she has done with the mainstream media.

14:04 Robyn talks about TV appearances she was pulled from and some that she has done.

17:10 Minx asks Robyn about her kids and how they were raised and how they react to poly.

21:05 Robyn brings up the subject of her divorce.

22:50 Minx asks about live-in lovers.  Robyn talks about a triad her and her husband were in.

23:48 Minx asks for advice for people who are poly and have kids but are going through a divorce.

26:30 Robyn brings up media people who say “I guess your marriage didn’t work out”

27:30 Minx asks “what is the one question you wish journalists would quit asking already”  Robyn really wishes they would stop making assumptions.

29:08 Minx asks Robyn about her activism and why she chose to dedicate her life to promoting polyamory

33:30 Minx and Robyn talk about being poly and single

34:35 Choices seminar in Texas in the Fall.  This is for therapists, social workers, and newbies.

35:08 Annual east coast retreat is coming up in the first weekend in september.

35:30 Feb is the Poly Living conference in Philadelphia.

All of these are available on the website.

36:30 Robyn talks about how it feels to go to a seminar as a newbie.

37:20 Robyn talks about the retreats

39:30 One last question, what is Robyn’s favorite topic at poly events.  Robyn tells us her pet topic is the word polyamory and it’s use.

43:30 new website coming so keep an eye out for that!

  • Poly Weekly Dragon*Con Meetup is Gordon Biersch Brewpub, Sunday Aug 31, 11:30 a.m.
  • Minx will be speaking at Dragon*Con on building community through podcasting/social media on Friday at 7:00 p.m. and on the Sex/Adult blogger/podcaster panel Saturday at 10:00 p.m.

Interview: Robyn Trask of Loving More

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