This week Poly Weekly #185:Pimp My Boobs!.

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0:00 Introduction and host chat
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[Links and pix; full show notes to come]

Topic: Pimp My Boobs competition
Judges AustinBrother and GoodTexan join with Minx to judge the Pimp My Boobs submissions. The contestants:

Angel's Shibari Boobs

New Year's Subtle Boobs

Pussy Man Boob

Evo Terra's Man Boob

EE's Cups Running Over

Festive Needle Boobs

Princess Fiona

Eggnog breastfeeding boobs

Boobs McGee with Cake

Heat Miser/Cold Miser

Blue Footed Boobies

January 21st–1st meetup of the Coming Out Poly group in Milwaukee at the Tool Shed

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  1. Need the feed to be visually worksafe (at least from a bit of a distance) or I have to take it off my Live Journal friends list… and I’d rather not do that, given a choice.

    Is there some kind of reasonable compromise that can be worked out?

  2. Sure. The entries are automatically cross-posted to Lj from here, as we don’t have time to do it by hand. But for occasions like this, we can go back in to LJ and put the photos behind a cut to keep your Flist safe.

  3. Awesome pics. I love the originality of all of them! Plus the blue footed ones are funny.

  4. Thanks, Minx, I really appreciate that!

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