This week’s Poly Weekly #219: Success and Divorce.

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This week’s cohosts
PepperMint, bisexual and poly activist
Joreth, poly/kinky activist


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Topic: Success and Divorce
Prompted by Steve Pavlina’s public announcement of divorce, we discuss how the public can easily blame a divorce decision on poly explorations

A gleeful blogger criticizes Pavlina
Pavlina’s sensitive and thoughtful explanation of his family’s separation
Pavlina’s coming out post
Three more posts on polyamory

Happy Poly Moment
Greyson’s supportive coming out story

Poly Weekly 215: Christianity & sexual ethics
Steve Eley found the approach refreshing

Poly Weekly 216: Is polygamy feminist?

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  1. I enjoyed this episode very much and hearing what Pepper Mint and Joreth had to say on the Steve Pavlina poly/divorce story. The point about monogamy never being blamed when monogamous marriages fail is right on, especially in the contexgt of of not making assumptions and instead actually reading what the Pavlinas have to say about it.

  2. Last time there was an internet kerfluffle over some stupid post at The Spearhead (some silliness about the “feminization” of science fiction), I tried to read the article in question. I didn’t have any luck reading the original because I couldn’t get past laughing at the amusingly phallic masthead. Couldn’t manage any better this time around.

    The Spearhead is clearly a Manly site, for Manly men, who like to discuss Manly things, like gladiator movies and Greco-Roman wrestling.

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