This week’s Poly Weekly #221: This American Life & Infidelity.

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0:00 Introduction and host chat
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Franklin Veaux
Ellie Lumpesse

Topic: This American Life: Infidelity
Lance and Serendipity offer feedback on the episode; the co-hosts discuss each act in this disappointing episode

3:26 Discussion begins…
Minx looks forward to this episode of TAL but as she listens to the show, she is not happy with it. Joreth agrees with Minx, wants to know why alternative lifestyles are not brought up as possible ideas. Ellie, on the other hand, felt this was a good episode and enjoyed it. What happens if you fall in love with a cheater? Minx felt that question was missing. Benny was hoping they would have taken a less conventional approach to this topic.

10:20 Discussion Continues…
Joreth appreciated the talk about the pain cheating causes but they didn’t go deep enough. Benny had heard one of the stories from the show at an earlier time and talks about getting more from the story hearing it again. Somebody didn’t agree with Benny (Ellie, i think? people stopped giving names so it got a bit hard) had a different perspective on the story. Joreth chimes in as well.

Franklin gives his perspective on cheating and cheaters.

22:30 Minx reads some feedback from Facebook

27:19 Serendipity called in and left a voice mail comment about the TAL episode.

Benny talks about how some people can’t actually love more than one person. (god i hope those people don’t have more than one kid. -fs)

Lack of science in the TAL episode has been called out as being an issue with the episode.

Thanks everybody!

34:22 Happy poly moment of the week!

34:50 Feedback

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  1. Is something up with the mp3 link? There seems to be a pdf file under there….

    Looking forward to hearing this!

  2. Was anyone else irritated that Franklin didn’t listen to the TAL episode? It’s an hour of your life, dude. Nice to hear Benny again, I love his voice.

  3. It’s almost a week and still there is no working mp3 link. It’s a pdf file.

  4. I listened to the TAL episode and hope to soon be able to listen to the PW podcast.

    TAL actually had an episode about non-monogamy, though it was called “Monogamy,” in 1998. It can be found here:

  5. linda – Lindsey has always been a warm and weolcming friend. She never hesitates to help others. I am so excited for her, and I believe her wedding will be filled with joy and lots of love. congratz!<3

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