This week’s Poly Weekly #223: Communicating while angry & realism in relationships.

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  • Anal sex in accordance with God’s will
  • Polyagony: The mixed feeling you get when your sweetie is dating someone new. A mixture of: “I’m so happy for you!” with “Teehee! Tell me all the juicy details!” with, “But I’m still pretty, right?”
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Topic: Communicating while angry
From the forums: a different way to communicate when angry

Topic: Realism in Relationships
Jenny Block wrote this response to Tiger Wood’s cheating: monogamy isn’t realistic. How would you respond? Thanks to JazzDuck for commenting via Twitter!

Happy Poly Moment
Courtesy of PolyWolf

Vim wrote in about poly anime, Marmalade Boy

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  1. Vir Modestus December 18, 2009 at 4:15 pm · ·

    The discussion in the second half of the podcast was great. It seems like every time someone writes to Dan Savage about wanting something more from a relationship, he trots out the insistence that they should be poly.

    I would be interested in an episode about “Poly-vangelists” and the pros and cons about the insistence from some people that “poly fixes everything!”

  2. Cunning Minx January 3, 2010 at 3:24 am · ·


    Boy, THAT would be opening up a can of worms, wouldn’t it?

  3. Sorry to respond to something 2.5 years after the fact, but I just heard this episode and felt moved to respond to the first discussion about “communicating while angry.”

    For me, the story’s red flag was that the husband broke the blinds, suggesting violence (good that it’s just on an inanimate object now, but…). It wasn’t that the wife chose to be quiet then, because it sounded to me like she was choosing to be quiet then, not all the time (which would be a problem).

    My spouse and I rarely have genuine fights, partially because we each take turns letting the other person be angry. Though we rarely truly feel angry at each other, we each can get irate about other things. Not giving me a chance to vent could needlessly redirect my anger to him, or vice versa. Even if we disagree and need to discuss the issue, the person who is less emotional at the time lets the other release steam. Later, when the angry person has a chance to cool down and return to thinking more calmly, we can have an actual conversation.

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