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Topic: How do you choose a poly partner?

Joreth, Pepper, Franklin and Minx discuss the two aspects of this question: how do you find, meet and get to know partners, and how do you vet them? Joe, Brendan, Polina and Jessica commented via Facebook that they simply run into people in everyday life, often when they are not looking, and get to know people that they like and who treat them well.

Jeff asks for feedback via Facebook on a situation in which he made first physical contact (holding hands) with a new partner in his current partner’s presence, which led to a fight.


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  1. great discussion… but oh, please lay off using the iLife music snippets!

  2. iLife music snippets? I thought those annoying sounds were the participants getting IMs in the middle of the episode. That’s what they sounded like to me at least.

    This episode may have been the best since I began subscribing to the show several months ago. I have to thank the hosts for introducing me to OK Cupid, which I had never heard of. I’ve already made a cyber connection and expect it will proceed to the IRL stage within the next week or so.

    I heartily agree with the basic attitude expressed by the hosts regarding meeting and vetting. Be yourself and maintain a positive attitude. Whenever you try to wear false masks or impress someone by acting outside your nature, all that results is discord and misery for everyone in the long run.

  3. Agreed. Best episode since I’ve started listening. Had heard of OKC, but hadn’t explored it until I listened to this episode. Have had 2 dates as a result since then. They haven’t turned into anything more, and very likely won’t, but it’s still a small success. Thanks for the advice…

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