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NOTE! This episode’s bonus content
For Poly Weekly iPhone app users: bonus audio content is for the poly and single daters in the crowd, especially the introverts: dating #Mojo points and how and why they work

Interview: Mark Yu
Mark Yu is a Kinbaku / Nawa Shibari artist/educator, bamboo artist and Feng Shui design consultant. His bondage and art draw from his lifetime study of Oriental medicine and twenty years of clinical experience treating muscle pain and bio-mechanical dysfunction.

Mark has taught bondage, healing arts and energetic play techniques publicly and privately for several years, to include standing-room only workshops at Shibaricon and two very popular workshops in Seattle in 2005.

He is a devotee of Taoist Oriental Medicine and Zen and a pioneer and advocate of progressive alternative energetic and bio-mechanically based body disciplines.

Mark is also the Grand Poobah of The Jade Gate Studio and Gallery recently relocated to Portland and maintains a blog with insights on Shibari, erotic art and writing, rope and BDSM issues at


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