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Interview: being a poly teenager
Josh, now 20, talks with Joreth and Minx about what it was like to explore and identify as polyamorous as a teenager (blame it on Heinlein).

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  1. Jacklyn July 22, 2011 at 5:29 am · ·

    I love your show, and just recently discovered it. I live in Odessa, Texas and don’t really know any poly people other than my friends who kind of converted to it from hearing it from me or him. The conversation on his part was something like why are you with her when she has been with other guys, and he would tell them how great it was that we could just be honest and accepting of each other. On my part it was just I like you, but I am with another whom I am in an open relationship. They then would agree. Also, I didn’t know about Polyamory until about a year ago when I took a sociology class. I just knew I wanted and had been in an open relationship with my partner for either a year or two years. We don’t have anniversaries and stuff because we never saw or labeled ourselves and still don’t as a couple. I am 23 years old now. I didn’t believe in love until recently, so now Polyamory is something I feel I can identify with now. I couldn’t before last year when I realized that by my own concept of love, I loved my partner. I now tell any curious friends about polyamory. We have not ever had problems because we just discuseed from the beginning that we were going to live selfishly and only put ourselves first. My needs over his or vice versa. I believed only in lust, while he believed in love. considering each other to be rational individuals, and I believing in Ayn Randian principles of selfishness knew problems would only occur if one was being irrational. We therefore deicided should problems arise we would solve them by clear honest open communication. We believe in full openness. It has worked wonderfully. I have always rejected marriage only under the condition if I were to marry a gay guy to support him and his partner since I was about five and also commented later, in junior high and high school, I would like to have a non marriage to a rock star because I wouldn’t care if he had sex with other women. The idea was kind of a fantasy of mine to be with someone with multiple sex partners. I was terrified of sex, so I believed if I wouldn’t have sex that my partner gay or otherwise should get it elsewhere. Much of these helped later realize my atheism. This conversation with my current partner led to me telling him that I liked him and wanted a platonic relationship and would like for him to have sex with others because I wouldn’t with him. He said our relationship would be platonic. The curious nature that I have, led me to soon want to touch his body and explore it. This led to me deciding to have sex with him, and then began sexual exploration with others in this open relationship. It surprises me that the principles we have lived by in our relationship are always talked about on your show. In my family, only my mom and sister know. I have always told Mom everything from when I realized I was an Atheist in High School to when I wanted and decided to give up my so called virginity. There has been tension, but nothing to the extent of hostility. My mom has more problems with my polyamory than my Atheism because she divorced my father for infedility and makes occasional comments about us cheating on each other. She accepts me and my partner’s relationship because she sees now how much we care about each other and how much happier I am now. She is not as accepting of our bisexuality, but she is trying. I just love knowing that now that I can identify with a community and know I am not alone. Thank you so much. Also, I am incredibly interested in BDSM, and I love that you discuss it and have informed me so much more than just being choked and choking my partner during sex and biting each other. I hope to get into more of the hard stuff, but want to be safe, and your show had helped me find books and information that a young sex vixen like myself can acquire. I am also pleased that you actually had someone that I could relate to better on your show.

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