Media Whoring panel from Sex 2.0

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Panel: Media Whoring at Sex 2.0, part 2
The Media Whoring panel from Sex 2.0 last month in Seattle. In this panel, Cunning Minx, Danielle Sipple, Jasen Bartlett, maymay, Reid Mihalko and Veronica Monet discuss media strategies. Topics ranged from TV, radio, and print, to social networking and online media, to Twitter, to YouTube, to monitoring your presence online, to anything else that pops up! It was a lively discussion with this wide variety of media professionals.

View the panel video here.

Happy Poly Moment
Using the L Word.

New to poly in Northern Virginia. Thanks to Marc, BS and Annie for donations!

Review: Shine, a Burlesque Musical
Shine was fantastic–review by Minx and Faust.

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