Primal interview with Christopher Ryan, co-author of anthropological phenomenon, Sex at Dawn

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Interview: Christopher Ryan, co-author of Sex at Dawn

  • Sex at Dawn on the PW Amazon Store
  • Dispelling anthropological myths. Let’s start with what “marriage” is in the animal kingdom
  • Was early life “nasty, brutish and short”? Are humans traditionally generous?
  • What is “natural” and why does it matter?
  • Is agriculture really to blame for our current oppressive patriarchal structure and the transition from generosity to possessiveness?
  • Is it really a myth that prehistoric humans died by age 35?
  • In which cultures/models is sex removed from paternity and childrearing?
  • What do we learn about humanity from bonobos?
  • Mosuo video link he mentioned

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  1. @oblivion November 9, 2010 at 4:08 pm · ·

    I just heard Dan Savage’s interview with Mr. Ryan late last week and was quite intrigued. Though I’ve been following you on twitter for ages, for whatever reason, this is the first of your shows I’ve listened to. I really liked the interview – much more in-depth than Dan got. I’m going to have to read this book.

    One question/comment, and I’m sorry if this is a ‘known issue,’ but in both this and the most recent episode, the audio quality for the ‘in studio’ bits was a bit difficult to listen to. Luckily the interview audio was great (as are the drop-in spots) but for whatever reason, the intro/outro of this show, and bulk of that other show, are really low, muddled, and unclear. Luckily, the content makes up for it, but if you can improve the sound, it would be awesome.

    Keep up the great show.

  2. What was that other book he mentioned about agriculture not being so great?

  3. Loved your interview. Clear, fun, helpful, elucidating. Thanks! Get out of the car!

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