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Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

2:00 Sponsor: Sugarplumsonline
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3:10 Announcement: Global Orgasm Day
Celebrate Global Orgasm Day by sending in your audio orgasms with or without partners to PW! Send them in before December 22nd!

5:00 Listener Mail
Sabrina wrote in to forgive my Samhein pronunication; minx comments on the excellent discussion of poly at Early to Bed, including the question of when and how monogamy became the norm; Brian wrote in to say that Straight Dope blames the Romans; 8:00 RatBastid wrote in with this article on monogamy in the animal kingdom and why and how it does and doesn’t work; 10:45 Orion, a neuroscience doctoral student, provided more information on the actual facts of oxytocin vs. the unfounded opinions that Mr. Keroack has been presenting as fact; Robert suggests “Kero-wacking off” as a new derogatory term for Mr. Keroack

16:40 Topic: Is Poly Trendy?
Rob wrote in to ask if poly is just a trend for people searching actually searching to cheat/date around; guests Siren and discuss with minx how it was far from cool/trendy for them when they came out; we muse over whether it is a younger generation discovering poly as an option that makes poly come across as a “phase” or trendy; is poly the next hip thing to be?; perhaps it’s simply that the mainstream medida is picking up on poly resources online

31:00 Question
Dmitra brough up an interesting question in the poly discussion this week: why do we think we deserve to have all our needs filled?–how would you answer this?

32:00 Wrap-up
PW has a new best friend–let’s all thank J for editing PW! He’s edited for the last three weeks and has allowed the minx a SOCIAL LIFE for the last few weeks! We love J!

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