The new Polyamory Weekly #95: Marriage as a Sacrament is up! Direct download is here.

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0:00 Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to; minx freezes her ass off in Chicago

1:45 Announcements
Why not make a donation to PW to help with bandwidth and the new blog?

2:30 Listener Mail
minx glows about PW being a community resource; Vir wrote in in response to a listener’s question about being jealous of a partner’s activities because she herself was disabled; Vir distinguishes between jealousy and envy; 5:00 Terri also addresses the issue–she has spina bifida and lives in outdoorsy Austin, Texas; she takes it upon herself to create non-outdoorsy social activities with her active partner and feels she gets plenty of shared time;

7:30 Resource: Poly Jewelry
Check out this beautiful pendant that is poly-friendly

8:15 Listener mail: Tolerance
Terry sent in an audio comment on tolerance (and furries) asking where to draw the line; minx comments that consenting adults is essential; 10:50 Mike comments that once a groups gets some acceptance, it becomes less tolerant of other alternative groups because it worked so hard for its own acceptance and feels the need to feel “enlightened”

12:15 Topic: Marriage as a Sacrament vs. Civil Institution
‘s post on marriage spawned a fascinating debate; S points out that marriage is now both a social contract and a sacrament and the issue is that when we change the social contract, fear arises that the sacrament loses meaning or must change as well; she points out that sacraments and rituals reflect community rites of passage–the ritual and sacrament is designed to create not only a bond between parties involved but also one with the community at large; points out that civil marriage (a contract) and the sacrament of marriage aren’t the same thing

20:00 Announcement
After five years, our poly family is disbanding due to one family member not wanting the family structure that we had; if you know or , please contact them and offer them support as well

21:30 Wrap-Up
Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email or call the listener comment line at 206-202-POLY. And hey, why not attach an audio comment to that email? 🙂 Check out PolyWeekly at Thanks for listening!

If you like the intro music, check out Pacemaker Jane, a cool band out of Ohio.


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