Hello, all!

This month will be more of a munch, since most of us haven’t had time to order and read the book yet. But go ahead and order it, come this month, munch with us, and we’ll discuss the book next month!

The book: John Gottman’s The Seven Principals for Making Marriage Work
When: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Where: The Center on Halsted, 2nd floor white couches

Also, The Mad Baker of Green Bay is taking requests for snacks–what yummies would you like for him to bake for us this time?

Also, I’d like to ask y’all a question. A documentary filmmaker from CurrentTV is doing a short documentary on how Poly Weekly is made. I’m toying with the idea of inviting him to this munch/book club meeting, mostly because I’d like the publicity for the Center on Halsted. However, I’d have to instruct him to keep the camera on me ONLY and not on the group at all. IF there were a camera there documenting the making of PW, would it deter you from coming? Would it hinder your participation?

Please be honest–I’d rather have a good munch than good footage. Thank you!

RSVP with subject line “Book Club” to cunningminx@gmail.com or reply here so I know to look for you. Thanks!


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  1. I’m going back to the beginning and listening to all the podcasts in order, so I’m not up to date yet. I just now got to the first announcement of the poly book club and heard there is also a skype discussion! But that was for the first meeting – is this a regular thing and when is it?


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