0:00 Introduction and host chat
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2:48 We go to the forums to discuss the question:  Do you ever just want to be alone?

2:53 A woman, J, wrote in the forum and wondered if some poly people look for times of simplicity in their relationships.

4:00 Different catagories of responses.  First set, the concept of needing time for yourself, not being social.

4:20 Beingthere pointed out some of the benefits of alone time.  Minx expands on this a bit pointing out the benefit to your dating life when you are comfortable alone.

5:06 Glorfunk approaches this as an introvert/extrovert kind of thing.  Minx points out we as people need to understand how much time we need alone, with a person, and with a group.

6:30 Minx tells a story about a party she was at and how she bounced from a small group to re-entering the larger group and back and forth. (and flash her tits! -FS)

8:44 Poly2 talks about how difficult it is to “want” to be alone when his partner is looking so darn pretty!

9:04 next catagory.  Private time with a partner for privacy’s sake.  Is it ok to focus on one partner?

9:45 Minx talks about how she feels (and J, the original writer) really feels a difference in the intimacy of just two people than with n+1 persons.

10:09 Earthwalker comments that he doesn’t feel the need to be with just one person.  He disagrees that there needs to be alone time with just one person.

10:30 Curios points out that it is easy if your partner doesn’t have any additional partners but becomes a bit more difficult if they have.

11:25 Polycronicles commented that she agrees on the short term.

12:05 Minx goes into Tristan’s book “Opening Up.”  Tristan recommends not taking on additional partners if your existing partners don’t feel that they are seeing you enough, don’t over-commit, and find time for yourself.

13:00 Tristan also has a profile of a couple who have a concept called “Alone Month”  This month focuses just on the couples relationship.

14:30 She also has a chapter on dealing with the fact that relationships and desires change.

15:50 Tristan points out that if you decide to be monogamous for any period of time  that doesn’t mean you are no longer “poly” or have gone back on your ideals.

16:40 Third category is more dating.  You are out there looking for monogamy.

16:50 RimJ points out that you find the big loves when you are open to both the little loves and big loves.

17:45 Joreth commented on functional monogamy.

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