Regina Lynn, sex blogger extraordinaire, has written a fantastic piece on polyamory for Wired in the wake of Tilda Swinton’s latest revelations. I’m interviewed, in the excellent company of Ken Haslam, Anita Wagner and of course, our best poly spokesperson, Franklin Veaux. Check it out!

Love this quote of Franklin’s:

Geeks have not traditionally been viewed as relationship experts, yet as a subculture, we are open to alternative ways of life. We immerse ourselves in science fiction and fantasy, imagining other cultures and experiencing relationships not necessarily bound by puritanical traditions.

“I remember thinking that the fairy tale doesn’t make any sense, because if the princess lives in a castle, why should she have to choose one of the two princes? Castles are big and there’s room for all three of them,” says Veaux, who was raised in a Nebraska town of 275 people, with not a poly role model in sight.


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  1. Yay! I thought this was a well done article. Too bad about the moron in the comments who keeps insisting that Franklin said poly and the internet happened at the same time. Oh, and she spelled my name wrong, but I’m excited to see it – this makes the second article I got mentioned in!

    ~Shara (with one “r”)

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