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Coming up on this week’s show: Kinky Kollege, the Polyamory Weekly drinking game, unindicted co-conspirators, poly in the media, a Dutch threesome, earbud-worthy podcasts and a whole conference on the big J.

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0:00-1:20 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

1:20-3:05 The PW drinking game
Alien_sunset suggests the PW drinking game!

3:05-6:15 Kinky Kollege: Lolita Wolf’s poly seminar
Two things that struck a chord with me: first, if you have a strong emotion, make an agreement. Second, a bit of advice (from her, not me!): Live honorably, and let others do what they will.

6:15-18:15 Listener mail
Dollfan comments about the film When Two Won’t Do and minx puts out a call for positive poly films; MS writes in about labels and “unindicted co-conspirators;” brennustar talks about being poly and Christian; Kel writes in with a coming-out story, which encourages minx to recommend some Zen books for those who are so inclined: Nothing Special: Living Zen and Everyday Zen: Love and Work by Charlotte Joko Beck; B2 writes in about the benefits of PW for his own monogamous relationship and how much he’s enjoying Radical Ecstasy from the Greenery Press

18:15-23:00 Polyamory in the media: comments
minx discusses her first mainstream media interview; darkmane comments that we aren’t persecuted enough to really ask for media attention

23:00-31:00 Polyamory in the media: NYT story, Foreign Policy article, first Dutch civil union
New York Times short story from September 4, 2005 is Three Men and a Woman by Stephen Elliott. The article on by Jacques Attali is Monogamy: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. The article about the Dutch threesome forming a civil union is in the Brussels Journal

31:00-34:15 Earbud-worthy podcasts!
Coloring Outside the Lines podcast by listener Takanami
Sex with Emily, available at
And my San Francisco buddy is just about to debut Queer Sex Weekly

34:15-35:15 Announcement: the Jealousy Conference
Info on the Jealousy Conference in Berekly, CA, October 14-16, is available here.

35:15-end Wrap-up
If you like the intro/outro music, check out Pacemaker Jane, a cool band out of Ohio.


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