The new Polyamory Weekly #35 is up!

Coming up on this week’s show: love, commitment and silliness; poly in

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0:00-1:15 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

1:15-4:15 Listener mail: a sci-fi poly friendly novel and quests
A listener recommends David Weber’s Honor Harrington series as poly friendly; M writes in to describe commitment vows and how to bring in a new partner using quests. Yes, quests!

4:15-7:18 Poly in the media: The Guardian article
This balanced and fair article on polyamory from the British newspaper, The Guardian, is here.

7:18-13:30 New York Magazine article: crap
“The New Monogamy: Until Death Do Us Part… Except Every Other Friday,” is a breezy, ill-researched, shallow, sex-oriented piece by Em and Lo. [link to come]

13:30-16:35 Polygamy to blame for Paris riots
[link to come] minx comments on one French bureaucrat blaming polygamy for the Paris riots.

16:35-22:50 Philadelphia Swing Club shut down; call to action
Todd Quinones of CBS3 wrote this non-researched, sensationalist article about the closing of a Philadelphia’s Kama Sutra swinger club, violating many people’s privacy rights in the process. To write a protest letter, go to The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, write the “journalist” at or the studios, CBS3, 101 S. Independence Mall East, Philadelphia, PA, 19106, with your objectons, or call the studio at 215-238-4850 800-233-8477.

22:50-24:00 The Poly Weekly Frappr Map
Why not post yourself and a shout-out on The Poly Weekly Frappr Map. Just ‘cuz.

24:00-end Wrap-up
minx and head to minx’s conservative family for Thanksgiving. Should be fun! And stay tuned for the interview with Sean David Wright next week!

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If you like the intro/outro music, check out Pacemaker Jane, a cool band out of Ohio.


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