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Coming up on this week’s show: more on MMF erotica; a poly conference; a short story by Stephen Elliott, and even more on MMF erotica.

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0:00-2:00 Introduction and NEW FEED ANNOUNCEMENT
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2:00-8:30 Listener Mail: All about MMF and bisexuality

8:30-10:30 Announcement: Harbin Polyamory Conference
The Harbin Polyamory Conference, May 12-14th, 2006 is in Harbin Hot Springs in Northern California. More info is available at or call 808-244-4103. Any input on what minx should submit as a possible seminar topic?

10:30-14:55 Listener mail: Finding poly partners
Ken-san writes in about difficulty finding poly partners; he started a Frappr group for poly folks in Prague, Czech Republic, available at

14:55-20:15 Topic: How did you come to be poly?

  • Veronica wrote in about her history coming from a family of swingers and eventually identifying as poly herself. Polyamory For Me – Part #1

    So I’ve been listening to the Polyamory Weekly Podcast, which I’ve actually been enjoying quite a bit. The only annoying part is that I’m listening to about 2 to 3 episodes a day to try to catch up on the months I’ve missed.

    There are so many issues it is bringing up for me, not issues really, just thoughts. I have so much I want to say and share on the subject… but there is just so much. I think eventually I am going to need to write a personal sexual history which includes polyamory in it. I had to write a sexual history my first year of college for an IRS class I was in (Intimacy, Relationships, and Sexuality). I’ve lived such a unique life – really a bit different from most folks that I know that I have had a very exclusive type of situation with my sexual/emotional development. In some ways, this will actually serve as the first part of this history.

    To give you a teaser let me start out by saying that I am actually the 2nd generation of open relationships in my family. My parents are in an open relationship. My mom and bio-dad got divorced when I was 5 and my mom and step-day started seeing each other when I was 7. They are still together and I am almost 30 now. They have an open relationship and identify as swingers as opposed to polyamorous like me. The big difference between the two is that for them a BIG core rule to their lifestyle is that they are “romantically monogamous, but physically free.” That is completely the opposite from polyamorous folks… we WANT to be romantically involved with ALL of our relationships, but back to the story.

    My mom and step dad actually MET at a swingers club, we lived close to Chicago and these types of events/clubs existed there. The entire time they have been together they have been swingers. I only found out about them when at 16 I asked about the events they would go to and about some of their “friends”. They “came out” to me at that point. I should mention also that they were both very liberal and accepting. They felt I was adult enough to be told – especially since I pretty much figured it out on my own. When they came out to me, one of the first things they said is “this lifestyle is NO better than any other and it is NOT for everyone.” They made sure I understood that what was important was the communication and honesty between the couple, not just who was between their legs! We also talked about STD’s and risks – they both got tested at least once a year for STD’s and used condoms. One of the funniest moments after I knew about them was at our annual 4th of July BBQ. This was always a big event with us and there was friends, family, and co-workers present. Well that year, my parents pointed out who their swinger friends were. I was amazed because – guess what – they looked like average normal people. All ages, sizes, different colors, some with kids. It was then that I learned that my parents overall were closeted – at that time most of the family and their work friends did not know about their open relationship.

  • ScubaDude and his wife, a virgin at marriage, spent 10 years of marriage sharing fantasies before trying polyamorous threesomes. He reports that the sharing has enriched their relationship for years.

20:15-24:50 Listener mail: swingers, hotwife, and jealousy
A comments on the downsides of the swinger community; Frank wrote in to share frubble and request information on the hotwife lifestyle; Darkmane shares his experience with dealing with jealousy.

24:50-27:15 Sponsor: Great Sex Games
A word from about Intense Games, and Poochie and Lulu review the Jungle Gym game live from minx’s birthday celebration.

27:15-44:05 Special: short story by Stephen Elliott

This story is by Stephen Elliott, the author of Happy Baby.

44:05-end Wrap-up
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