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0:00-2:15 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

2:15-15:50 Listener mail

A listener writes in about meeting in the middle in a happy mono/poly relationship; 3:45 A bi switch says poly helps satisfy his relationship; 4:15 Mike asks how you know that people aren’t trying to steal your partner; 8:00 listener wrote in about being bisexual not necessarily requiring polyamory and not being attracted to people on the basis of gender; 10:50 Carolyn was relieved to hear that others feel left out when her partner flirts; minx recommends Chapter 3 of The Ethical Slut and comments that this is an example of envy; 14:10 Bubba (monogamous and vanilla) says hello 15:05 Sam says hello and promises to comment on ADHD/ADD soon

15:50-26:45 Poly in Media: Big Love reviews

A listener comments on the lack of communication among family members and the producers’ lack of research in Big Love; minx comments that the wives really need additional husbands for emotional and social support and gives the producers credit for doing some research 19:00 Rob Wilson is writing reviews of each episode on the Polyamorous Percolations website; his review of this episode is here; minx makes a plea for tolerance and to take advantage of opportunities for education. 22:15 R, our resident going-to-hell Mormon comments on In Sacred Lonliness, on the Mormon tithe, on misconceptions about the church, and goats.

26:45-40:35 Poly in Media: History of polygamy and polygyny

Craig comments on “Inside Polygamy” on A&E and worries that people will associate polyamory with the negative side of polygamy; 28:45 Dr. Dray’s audio comment on the anthropological history of polygyny; 34:00 This article, Paradise Lost, from InsideHigherEd, includes a fascinating study of the poet Milton’s writings on polygamy; 37:45 Brent comments on some groups’ arguments against plural marriage really being manifestations of a basic fear of change

Like the intro music? It’s “All Your Sins” by Amplifico.

40:35- Poly in Media: Gay Marriage/Poly Marriage arguments

A fascinating Washington Post article, Pandora and Polyamory, about the logical argument for plural marriage and how many gay rights activists take exception to this argument; Charles Krauthammer points out that the state of marriage is a symptom of the culture, not a warning as to its demise. minx poses the orientation versus practice with regards to polyamory; Bubba sends in a link to a blogger who comments about the fact that marriage is a legal contract and not state-sanctioned love.

Like the intro music? It’s “Flutter” by Amplifico.

47:15-55:15 Poly in the Media: the New Monogamy

This article from the Utne Reader points out that managed monogamy and polyamory share some ideas; this article on the new monogamy offers various opinions on whether the new monogamy works, including Dr. Ruth saying that jealousy is too big a risk to take, which minx of course takes huge exception to. Why give jealousy all that power?

Like the music? It’s “Lullaby” by Jeremy Kushnier.

55:15-end Wrap-up
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