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0:00-2:00 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to

2:00-9:00 Announcements

  • People magazine is looking for poly families for an article; contact Zelie Pollon at, but do contact NCSF’s interview coach, Susan Wright, for coaching before interviewing with the mainstream media
  • DeviantArt has the “Two Lovers Are Better” series on coffee mugs: here,
    here, and
  • 4:25 Michelle Belanger’s Shadowdance podcast, a show whose goal is to “explore, reveal, and interpret hidden world of dark fringe culture through interviews, music, art, and discussion”, has a wonderful recent episode on tolerance
  • Check out Rachel Kramer Bussel’s article on boobiesexuals in the Village Voice!
  • minx muses on her NPR interview experience

9:00-33:00 Feature: Spike/Xander slash fic erotica
A treat for anyone obsessed with Buffy or for any women (or men) turned on at the idea of two men (or one man and one male vampire) together, courtesy of the talented XanPet, Payback’s a Bitch. Warning–BDSM activities, nonconsensual sex, gay sex.

33:00- Listener mail

Jen writes in about sharing responsibility in her poly family with respect to ADD/DID;34:40 JP comments on his insights on envy and on jealousy vs. envy;37:00 Ben wrote in about King David’s polygamy, citing chapter and verse;39:05 Lisa commented on polyandry and polygyny in ancient cultures;41:30 Rob Wilson’s insights on communication;42:00 Brian comments on the tithe question in Big Love and mentions he uses PW to help understand his poly friend’s lifestyle; minx comments on the last few episodes of Big Love;46:15 Jen comments on stealing existing in monogamous relationships as well;48:00 B recommends a book on stealing–The Game by Neil Strauss;48:10 Fireheart comments that partners can be stolen through deliberate deception

51:50-53:50 Topic: Heinlein and polyamory
Influence of the Science Fiction Writings of Robert A. Heinlein on Polyamory, avaiable on the Polyamorous Percolations site is an excellent summary article on Heinlein’s writings and a brief history of polyamory. Great if you want a sense of history but don’t want to wade through Heinlein’s thick books!

53:50-54:60 Topic: Barbara Nitke lost her case
Unfortunately, Barbara Nitke lost her case.

54:60-58:10 Poly in Media: Gay marriage, polygamy, Big Love
This Slate article makes the argument against polyamory/polygamy with the basic argument that jealousy is natural, human, insurmountable and to be avoided at all costs. Hmmm… if jealousy is the criteria for denying marriage rights, does that mean that jealous monogamists shouldn’t be allowed to marry? Chris posted an intelligent response to this argument here.

58:10-1:05:45 Audio comments
ScubaDude comments on addressing jealousy and insecurity in he and his wife’s partner, T; JoshA makes a tongue-in-cheek suggestion about creating a TV show called “Christian Hell,” where the worst things conservatives fear would come to pass, including someone marrying a goat. 🙂

Like the music? It’s “Lullaby” by Jeremy Kushnier.

1:05:45-end Wrap-up
Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email me at or call the listener comment line at 206-202-POLY. And hey, why not attach an audio comment to that email? 🙂 Thanks for listening!

If you like the intro/outro music, check out Pacemaker Jane, a cool band out of Ohio.


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