Hello, all!

In this week’s podcast, and noodle over two Doms making a right and how to get to that frubbly place when you’ve had painful poly experiences, with thanks to CR for writing in and asking about those topics. Also, discussion of Mistresse Matisse’s article on the Hot Bi Babe phenomenon.

Link to the slut article, quoted in last week’s podcast and supplied by : A Four-Letter Word by Sarah D. Bunting of Early Girl Inc.

Charlotte Joko Beck’s book Everyday Zen: Love and Work

Cheri Huber’s book How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Mistress Matisse’s article: HBBS

Mistress Matisse’s blog: Mistresse Matisse’s Journal

Mistress Matisse’s professional page: Mistress Matisse

Shibaricon link: Shibaricon

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