Eight Things I Wish I’d Known About Polyamory

Class Description

8 things polyamory cover slideIn love with the theory of poly but got gobsmacked when you tried it in practice? This session is for you! Join Cunning Minx, longtime poly and kinky podcaster, and her partner Lusty Guy as they  shares some hard-learned poly lessons gleaned from both their own experiences and from those shared by thousands of podcast listeners. Attendees will walk away from this session knowing how to identify key poly communication and relationship pitfalls and with specific techniques to apply to avoid them.

Attendees will learn:

  • Eight of the most common mistakes and relationship land mines for poly newbies
  • How to promote the Relationship Bill of Rights with their new partners
  • How to cope with jealousy
  • How to cope with “experience shock”
  • Communications tips and tricks

Time: 75-90 minutes

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