Is sexting cheating?

Joys of sexting and the pyramid of cheating–is sexting cheating to you?

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2:00 Announcements

  • Need to check out your date’s background? There’s an app for that: For date check; “sleaze detector” (criminal records), property ownership, compatibility, interests (social networks) and living situation
  • New UK poly resource, Polytical, and a page with all the poly events in the UK

4:05 Topic: Joy of sexting and the pyramid of cheating

After Weiner’s explicit sexting dilemma, the question is out: is sexting cheating? Whether you’re poly, mono or something within the Venn diagram, consider where YOU draw the line of cheating. And where does the line between fantasy and reality come with online interaction and real-life flirting? How is sexting different from chatting with friends on multi-player online games?

  • fantasizing about movie stars, people you know
  • watching porn
  • web cam girls
  • phone sex line
  • flirting at a bar
  • flirting via text
  • chatting on IM
  • sexting
  • sending racy pix
  • deep emotional conversation – in same city or not
  • meeting the person IRL
  • kink
  • seeing a pro dom
  • surfing pix on kink or porn sites without chatting
  • what about surfing FetLife

24:00 Feedback

MidnightCreate offers feedback on episode 275 on introverts vs. extroverts: a book called The Shyness Solution by Catherine Gillet, L.C.S.W.


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  1. Minx,

    Great show! I just started listening recently and I really like the topics that you delve into as well as your relaxed, conversational style. I also appreciate this topic since it is something relevant to all relationship structures, open and not open, and in the end it is about comfort levels and setting/maintaining boundaries. It’s a great question: If you are hiding something, what’s behind or underneath the hiding?

    Be well,


  2. LOVED this episode. My husband and I (who are new-ish to poly) listened to it last night in the car on the way to and from our local poly meetup. We’d pause the ipod after each “level” you listed, and talk about how each of us feels about that particular action. Not only were YOUR ideas great, but it was a great communication prompt for us to discuss our own boundaries. Thank you!

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