Minx’s personal journal of her first-time Burning Man experience

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3:20 Topic: Minx’s first Burning Man journal

My personal journal from my first Burning Man, including the following highlights:

  • Sucking smurf spooge
  • The Playa provides
  • Boobies and Creamobile
  • Human Carcass Wash at Poly Paradise

36:30 Feedback

Isaac asks about episode 275 on introverts and how to contribute to a conversation when waiting to speak.

39:00 Wrap-up

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  1. The Human Carcass Wash was quite the experience. I waited far too long before going there, especially since a friend ran the hair-wash station for several days running.

    RVs are convenient, but make sure you bring some buckets. A fair number of the RVs I was close to leaked gray water which needed to be contained.

    Something else you may consider is a hexa-yurt. There were lots of them near my camp. One of my friends was in an air-conditioned dual-yurt complex which she raved about (part of the time: she was polycamperous). It was quite impressive on the inside. And if you’re camped further away from Esplanade, you’ll have an easier time with the noise. Out at Funeral and Graduation it was generally pretty quiet.

    I was warned repeatedly that the Playa sees a lot of breakups, so it’s good to hear that you managed to avoid drama. I have no trouble believing that Burning Man can put a strain on relationships. I was also fortunate that my primary and I had only a manageable amount of drama. However, our relationship did change: she proposed to me on the day the Man burned. ^____^

    Hoping to see Boobies & Cream on the Playa next year,

  2. Cunning Minx October 25, 2011 at 10:00 pm · ·

    Thanks for the note! Yes, as I mull over my own experience, I am coming to believe that the playa serves a function similar to polyamory: it shines a harsh light on any weak points in your relationship. That’s where the drama comes from, kind of like when a couple first tries to go poly and freaks out over every little rule and restriction and causes a lot of drama. The playa, I believe, does this, too–puts people under a crucible of duress and reveals what their relationship is made of.

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