Going a step further for negotiating consent: yes means yes

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1:00 Announcements

  • The Geeky Kink Event is November 4-6 in New Jersey, including D&D gaming and TARDIS bondage boxes in the play space!

2:20 Yes means yes

A look at a new campaign that takes “no means no” to a more proactive level: yes means yes. Cohosts:

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30:45 Feedback

  • 30 year old male asks how to get past the self-doubt and criticism when exploring polyamory for the first time
  • Amanda asks how poly family’s kids can be taken away
  • Dave, a monogamous listener, says thanks!

42:00 Wrap-up

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  1. Minx, thank you so much for the piece on affirmative consent. I was raped by my ex (we were in a kinky relationship) one night when he slept over. He thought that I was awake and responding to him (I will respond in my sleep but it is easy to tell that I am not awake) and so he continued to have sex “with” me. I also went through the victim blaming and the trauma of trying to figure out what happened and are just now finally starting to get free of triggers, flashbacks and panic attacks.

  2. Hecate–

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. We are usually so careful to negotiate everything in a power dynamic relationship that it can be devastating when something unwanted occurs. I hope you got the counseling you need from a kink-friendly therapist–this situation can be very difficult to deal with.

  3. LGBT people are not the uniformly protected class you say they are when talking about the risks posed to poly families. There are plenty of states where people can still be fired for being gay. It isn’t as if adoption is the only front on which equality lags for LGBT people.

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