The care and feeding of your poly drama–and how to avoid it!

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1:00 Host chat

We’re closing in on episode 300. And it’s all YOURS! Call in your poem, limerick, story, joke, Happy Poly Moment, book review, rant; whatever! Call in to 206-202-POLY or attach an mp3 to email to Without YOU, there will be no show!

4:45 Topic: The care and feeding of drama

Drama doesn’t just happen; it needs insecurity, neurosis, lack of communication and passive-aggressiveness to survive. So how do you avoid drama? Cohost LustyGuy and Minx go over the basics:

  • Definition of drama: Adding amplitude to emotional reactions vs specific behaviors
  • Ways to avoid drama
    • After initial immediate reaction, decide how you are going to behave
    • Own your own shit (and communicate it!)
    • Communicate in little bits, often, before the situation builds to a confrontation
    • Talk about behaviors, not your judgments of them
    • Talk about your own actions and feelings, not the other person’s
    • Talk about the topic at hand, and only one at a time
  • Examples from Lusty and Minx
    • Early miscommunication + disconnect re: staying over
    • Elle taking finances back from LustyGuy

34:00 Thanks

Thanks to Paul, Marcie and Paul for their donations! And welcome Emma, Vir and Amy to the Poly Weekly Playmate subscription!

35:00 Wrapup

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