Listeners call in to share why they are poly, what they have learned and tell a poly joke and limerick or two

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1:00 Host chat

  • Reminiscing over how Poly Weekly got started in 2005; Amy Gahran was our first commenter
  • What I have learned: no one is ever alone
  • Shared pain is lessened and shared joy increased
  • Poly isn’t that weird

6:15 Topic: It’s all about you!

  • Happy poly moment
  • Alan from Poly in the Media
  • Amy Shiner, blogger for the Huffington Post: “If I weren’t poly, I would be asexual…”
  • Billy from Chicago answers “how many poly does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”

10:10 Topic: What are you thankful for?

  • Erica of St. Paul – to have found the woman within
  • Reid of – his partner Allison and cheap dental work in Mexico
  • Sarah – friends on her side

12:00 More contributions!

  • Emma with a happy poly story
  • Grace in VA with excellent advice: “If I want something, I need to work my ass off on me first”
  • Rob from Oz telling how poly saved his career
  • Dan Sawyer
  • Chris Bingham with a poly limerick
  • Vicky from London with words of advice
  • Paul with what he learned about poly in 2011—it works if everyone is adult and communicates

23:55 Thanks

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24:55 Wrapup

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