How to approach someone for a threesome or one-on-one date

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1:00 Announcements

7:45 Topic: The metamour approach

  • Elizabeth asks how to approach the invite for a threesome with a good friend without ruining the friendship. Minx’s advice: treat it the same way you would approaching a mono friend you have romantic feelings for but don’t want to ruin the friendship. Flirt, state your desires, graciously accept a “no.”
  • Proff asks if he’s weird for wanting to meet his partner’s OK Cupid date on their first meeting. Minx’s take: How would you feel if you’d been flirting with a girl and, when you went to pick her up, her whole family came out to size you up? A bit off-putting for the poor guy! It’s best to trust your partner to date someone as ethically as she dated you. Keep in touch and meet him after a few dates.

17:05 Feedback – Episode 297, Poly for the holidays

  • P wrote in to tell how her kid surmised the relationship, asked about it, and they pleasantly confirmed
  • Lily from Boston requests more solid advice on dealing with kids for the holidays – who has good advice for her? (None of our cohosts have kids!)
  • Chauncey says thanks!

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