Signs that you might be poly

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1:00 News

  • Our polyamory disaster – tale of swinging, casual sex, non-monogamy, insecurity, lack of communication and lots of drugs – wonder why it didn’t work out
  • Introverts Guide to Networking – Written for business, but great for introverts who are into poly and easily overwhelmed in social situations
  • Polyamory and the slippery slope – arguing against the slippery slope argument against legalizing gay marriage because it could lead to legalization of poly marriage

8:45 Topic: You might be poly if…

Thanks to all our listeners who responded on Twitter and Facebook to complete this sentence! My favorite responses:

  • You have to check three different calendars before you can say yes to a “do you wanna go get a cup of coffee?”
  • For the holidays you have an easier time thinking of presents for your boyfriend’s partner than for your boyfriend
  • You have run out of colors for your sweethearts on your Google calendar
  • You keep a spreadsheet of boundaries
  • You and your husband’s boyfriend both remind the waiter not to put parmesan on his spaghetti
  • You get genuine pleasure from someone else’s happiness

13:25 Feedback

  • J and A ask about the hotwife lifestyle with two questions: did other poly folks find poly through hotwife? And men with a hot wife kink often get off learning intimate details or watching their partner play. From listening to past episodes, we can’t determine if this is uncommon or just rarely discussed in poly circles? (Answer: it’s always discussed whether you want to watch and how much you want to know about sexual activities)
  • Olaf asks about pre-poly signals—has anyone noticed poly tendencies in retrospect?

20:10 Wrapup

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