Mia Martina

A Year of Sex with the sultry Mia Martina

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1:00 News and host chat

5:00 Mia Martina’s A Year of Sex

A yummy interview with the hot and sultry Mia Martina, host of the I Want Your Sex podcast and author of the memoir A Year of Sex, her foray into the world of New York sex clubs. The lovely and talented Mia shares:

  • Why podcast first and then the book
  • What chapters she got the most feedback on
  • If she would recommend the sex club path for someone getting over a bad breakup
  • Advice for those going to sex parties for the first time who don’t want to look like they’re going for the first time
  • 24:30 Sharing a sexy story

If you’re local to Austin, Texas, find her performance erotica troupe at Bedpost Confessions. Or follow Mia on Twitter.

30:50 Happy Poly Moment

  • Lisa from Boston shares a happy poly moment of her boyfriend using her girlfriend to make sure she stayed healthy
  • Shaun shares the story of his poly-unsure girlfriend starting to date

33:25 Feedback

Jane shares a happy poly story of being able to share the same bed with her partner.

35:00 Thanks

Thanks to Sean for his donation this week!

Wrap up

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