Does one have to self-identify as poly in advance of a situation in order for polyamory to work?

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1:00 News and host chat

2:00 Topic: Poly by Orientation vs Poly by Situation

Should I be poly? This question is often asked, and a recent BlogHer essay questioning whether monogamy is the ultimate form of love or a restraint on one’s sexual freedom is better brought up the question: is polyamory a solution to a relationship with no intimacy?

  • Is poly of zero benefit to a monogamous-identified partner of someone who would like to be poly?
  • Does “Poly by Situation” ever work?
  • 11:20 What is required for a Poly by Situation effort to work out: every partner is fully committed, everyone voices their fears and doubts at every turn, no veto power

13:15 Feedback

26:30 Wrap up
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  1. Poly by situation is a concept I never thought of.

    One of the interesting things of polyamory, even for those not into polyamory, is that it gives you guidelines that also works very well in a monogamous relationship.

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