Why Ecstasy is Necessary

An interview with Barbara Carrellas, author of Ecstasy is Necessary, on making tantric sex available to everyone on an everyday basis

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Under-18 warning and redirection to Scarleteen

1:00 Announcements and Host chat

3:50 Interview: Why ecstasy is necessary

Barbara Carrellas is a certified sexologist, sex educator, sex/life coach, and sensual
revolutionary. She is the author of a new book on tantra for the everyday user, Ecstasy is Necessary She answers Minx’s and LustyGuy’s questions, such as:

  • Why another book on tantra? How is this book more accessible and less woo-woo?
  • Isn’t tantra just breathing together for two hours and not coming?
  • What is “thinking off” and can you really breathe your way to an orgasm?
  • How can tantra be achieved with our distracted monkey minds?
  • 16:00 LustyGuy switchover!
  • What about the science and medical information in the book, which is remarkably detailed and accurate?
  • Why is it important that there isn’t one true path to ecstasy?
  • Was it intentional that the book is directed at everyone, not just the kink and woo-woo communities?
  • Angergasms, screamgasms and feargasms

24:35 Thanks

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26:30 Wrap up

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  1. It is not intended to be a negative comment, but being poly means honesty, openness and communication 😉

    This one was the worst episode of all Polyamory weeklies (Not the Mix or LustyGuy they still rock ;-)).
    It entered the real of pseudo science and quackery pretending to be scientific.

    Big red flags of pseudo science and made up stories to pretend it is scientific.

    Personally I don’t care what you believe, but when you use science as basis then I expect a honesty that is science worthy. If you claim that you can have an orgasm under a medical scanner, then you need to back it up with real measurable evidence and not an anecdote. Having an orgasm should probably light up the scanner results, and prove that it is not a placebo of fakery.

    I have heard a lot about Tantra sex like its is better than sliced bread. A lot of anecdotal stories but I have never seen a real scientific test that shows that it is not placebo. Or that your students following your course are faking it because they think that this is what you expect.

    I really do not like the fact that pseudo science, mystics, tantra, or other holistic believes enter the polyamore discussions. Because people new to polyamory then thinks it is some kind of New Age thing. Polyamory has absolutely nothing to do with anything mystic, holistic, Trantra, BDSM, swingen, or even sex with the other partner.
    However, polyamore couples can have in addition to polyamore also an interest in Kink, BDSM, New age,….

    The sad thing is that I have met people that use New Age and tantra stories, pretending it to be polyamory. They create a framework that justifies having sex with other people under the pretence of some divine love for everyone. In reality it is all about power and having sex. These people have no feelings and if someone complains then they discard the person with easy. I call this pseudo-polyamory.

    Polyamory can only be accepted by the masses when the masses can connect it with something they know from daily life.
    Simple things, like falling in love with someone else while already having a partner. Having sex (as long as you stay in the realms of what people are used to or (secretly) dream about. BDSM, threesome, kinky,… )

    If you associate polyamory with new Age stuff then their eyes glaze over and classify you as some kind of nutjob. It does not help the polyamory community to be accepted in real life.

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