Dr. Tammy Nelson shares how the world of online dating, social media and texting has changed marriage and monogamy

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2:00 The New Monogamy with Dr. Tammy Nelson

Dr. Tammy Nelson, therapist and author of a soon-to-be-released book on The New Monogamy, answers questions on the new state of monogamy:

  • Has marriage gone out of fashion?
  • How has online dating affected marriage?
  • Do those who identify as monogamous need to expect infidelity?
  • Are Facebook and texting to blame for affairs?
  • Are affairs actually good for a marriage?
  • What is the new monogamy?

31:40 Feedback

Jess writes in to thank PW for helping her poly family through the introduction of HPV and the tools to help the group be level-headed and talk openly and honestly.


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  1. I think anything hieddn is cheating. I don’t think a person would hide something unless they, on some level, felt it was wrong. Ordinarily I would not think of online chat is cheating. But if I found out online chat was being carried on over time and I hadn’t known, I would see that as cheating. If it was something I knew of from the start, that would be different. As for the listed reasons,Forced monogamy on a poly-minded individual: Why is a poly minded person with a person who wants monogamy? Or vice-versa? A hard limit is a hard limit. If someone wished to force a poly relationship on me, it would have to be the end of that relationship no matter what. Continuing in such a relationship would make all parties unhappy. Trying to tolerate this would make me so unhappy and if I cared for someone, I would wish them happiness but not at my expense.Unhappiness in current relationship: If you are unhappy in a relationship, the one thing that cheating would accomplish would be to break up the relationship. Cheat on me and you better be packed and have somewhere else to live.Sexual frustration: Finding the cause is the first step. If you and your partner are not compatible, again, the relationship should end.Accident Innocuous relationship develops further than planned. Just because it just happened is no excuse. It is not even a reason. Period.I guess I want to say that all of these reasons for cheaters, to me, are reasons to terminate a relationship. I do not tolerate any cheating. These is no good reason.

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