A proposed California law that would allow a child to have three legal parents. Also, movie review of Savages.

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1:30 News and host chat

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3:00 Topic: My Three Dads

California considers a law that would allow more than two parents for a child.

10:30 Movie review: Savages

Joreth provides a review of this poly movie. Alan at Poly in the Media’s report on the aggregated reviews: Savages, the Movie and Its Star Triad


Vicky writes in to let us know that “vagina” is the proper medical term, but “vulva” is often used to refer to the external female genitalia, including the labia.

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  1. Evrard Nicator July 30, 2012 at 4:22 pm · ·

    Greetings, Cunning Minx. I have truly enjoyed your podcast.

    This will be all the more surprising, perhaps not to you, but to many of your listeners, as I am a Goldwater Republican (remember? Republicans before there was a Religious Right?), and a military analyst.

    Which brings me to my comment, and/or question. I posed the question to my think tank at our “no holds barred” sessions that we have once a week, of the extension of miitary benefits to non-traditional family groups. Remember, they military is the one branch of society that increases your pay, based on your number of dependents.

    We even talked about an old tradition from the “Old” Army and Navy (say, pre-World War I), among officers, that “Lieutenants must not marry, Captains may marry, Majors should marry, Colonels must marry.”

    We played with the idea that an unmarried officer should be given a dating allowance, and perhaps assigned quarters with a hot tub.

    Suffice to say, we enjoyed the brain storming, but it does pose a variety of issues. Your comments invited, and, for that matter correspondence invited!

    • Cunning Minx August 16, 2012 at 12:43 am · ·

      I am all for the idea of a military dating allowance. Wait… would that be used for strippers? Eh, you know what? More power to ’em if it is!

  2. maybe you should start a new section in like poly in the media, but in politics. Call it POLYtics.

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