Tristan Taormino answers your questions about kink in a poly context

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1:00 News and host chat

  • CatalystCon was amazing! The highlight reel:
    • Taking Sex Ed to the Streets panel with Carol Queen, Jessica Drake from Wicked, Sex Nerd Sandra
    • Sex and the Media panel with Charlie Glickman, Lynn Comella
    • Making Orgasm a Political Statement with AASECT-certified sexuality educator Megan Andelloux
    • Bawdy storytelling, dirty bingo, pool hangout with some cool poly peeps–thanks for coming out!
    • We gave away 10 shirts! Will have more to order online soon.
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15:25 Sex for your earbuds

Life on the Swingset podcast

17:00 Tristan Taormino answers your kink and poly questions

Tristan Taormino, award winning author, columnist, editor, filmmaker, sex educator and author of the new book, the Ultimate Guide to Kink, answers listener questions!

  • Ian asks: please explain the multi-partner dynamic as it exists in the kink world, and how it is different (or similar) to the poly. (There are many polys who are not kinky, many kinky who are not poly, and many many monogamous people who are kinky and have issues participating in the kink community.)
  • Emma asks: I’ve been asked to do scenes with people who are “sexually monogamous” with their partners. Lots of conversation about what activities count as sex ensues, but I’m still nervous to play with monogamous people. What if something is improvised in the moment and crosses that line? What if something feels sexual to me but not to them?
  • Herb asks: Have you actually seen or heard of a fetish that surprised you?
  • James asks: What if someone wants to try something scary (breath play) but is worried about past sexual abuse issues it could bring up?

More questions for Tristan? Ask them on her weekly live radio show, Sex Out Loud, Fridays at 5:00 PM Pacific on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network.

37:40 Happy Poly Moment

Cysteine shares a happy poly moment.


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  1. Minx,

    Thank you for the wonderful comments on CatalystCon. It was such an amazing weekend. I’m sorry about the confusion in the conference names with mcon and ccon. We have retired Momentum as of this past spring and I’ve have gone on to create CatalystCon. It will be called CatalystCon West and CatalystCon East. The goal is to hold one in DC each spring and one in Long Beach each fall.

    Thanks for being part of the very first CatalystCon!


  2. Thank you so much for mentioning safer sex for oral. So many people forget that part!

  3. Dee–

    Makes sense. Hey, I still think of both as Sex 2.0, so I’m just an old fogey! 🙂


    Absolutely! I use barriers for everything except kissing on the lips. But I actually prefer barriers for oral; I’m a bit odd.

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