Marcia Baczynski of Successful Nonmonogamy

What four things do you need to evaluate before opening your relationship?

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1:00 News and host chat

8:00 Sex for your earbuds

Sex Nerd Sandra podcast

11:00 Successful Nonmonogamy

Marciz Baczynski is hosting a series of ongoing classes and coaching for those entering their first non-monogamous relationship. Because one book and a friend or two isn’t enough; we need ongoing support to keep drama to a minimum! Visit her site to get her free ebook and read her blog.

38:00 Happy Poly Moment

A great story of finding a good spiritual home that welcomes leather lesbian nonmonogamists.

42:00 Thanks

Thanks to Toma and Hayley for their donations!


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  1. Oh bummer… when commenting on your podcast and blog in May 2011 I forgot to mention I am a long time listener/fan from Finland. So yes, Tom (?) you are not the only one! And not even the first one. Hah! And not to leave my contribution to just whining and self promotion, two interesting things I heard just recently. Not directly related to poly, but hit close to the show: (tho only in Finnish, mwahahahaha)

    1) A professor in law science (?) Anu Pylkkänen wrote a pamphlet on how marriage should be organised separate from romantic relationships; that is anyone could form a marriage like juridical/social union
    2) and another lady Johanna Ruonala wrote her masters thesis about how young women talk about sex with their (male) partners. That is, they don’t.

    So yay for Finnish women \o/

  2. Nice post here, thought I could learn more from but I can learn more from this post.

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