How do you get over the loss of an intense relationship, like a D/s one?

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1:00 Announcements and host chat

  • Minx and LustyGuy got back from vacation… sick as dogs.
  • PW friend J.R. Blackwell, an amazing photographer, is looking to photograph a poly wedding! See Blackwell's work here and get HALF OFF to the first poly group that engages her!

4:35 Topic: Getting over your Dom

How do you get over your Dom after an intense relationship and a rough breakup? Some advice:

  • This just sucks, kinky or not. Allow yourself to grieve the loss.
  • You'll get through this. And you'll be better for it.
  • Seek out a poly/kinky support network for this and other issues. Being isolated makes a breakup even harder.
  • Find a poly/kinky-friendly therapist in your area to have someone professional to talk to. I did this, and it helped make the year after a difficult breakup much better.

16:30 Feedback

Lee asks for advice on losing a poly relationship and going from a poly family of three to just a couple of two.

19:00 Happy Poly Moment

Herbalwise shares a happy poly moment.

22:00 Wrapup

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  1. Really enjoyed cast# 342 this morning. I want to put my two cents in for Lee. When one of my partners died we didn’t just lose him but his wife and kids as well. The family totally withdrew from us. It was hard, I missed my partner and his wife was a good friend and I missed the kids. We went from being 6 to 2 and it was a difficult time. We allowed ourselves time to grieve the loss and in time we were ok. We had some support from a poly friendly grief therapist and some of our other poly friends. I am sorry about the break up and that you are feeling lost right now. Get support and don’t rush yourself through the process. You are in our thoughts.

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning this deal on your show, Minx! I look forward to hearing about the weddings/commitment ceremonies. If I get a group to take me up on my offer, I promise to share the photos!

  3. Isn’t the ease of replacing people in your bdsm or group sex network one of the best aspects of being in that lifestyle???

    For me, it lacks that emotional toll that a monogamous relationship carries, the weight that a lost partner/husband/wife etc. can cause, isn’t as bad when there are so many other people looking to have wild adult fun with no strings attached.

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