The study, finally! How much does penis size matter?

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1:00 Topic: Does penis size matter?

An Australian researcher finally did a study matching the relevance of penis size as a factor in combination with other physical factors for physical attractiveness. Does it matter?

Other headlines citing the study:

11:40  Happy Poly Moment

E shares a great story of transition of a partner moving from “hell no” to “this is cool”

13:10 Feedback

  • Lynn shares feedback on the HSV episode that made it much easier to avoid the shame spiral.
  • ArcticWolf shares thoughts on the stats on the poly marriage failure rate

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  1. The “attractiveness” of a flaccid penis has little to do with one’s “operating length” – i.e. length of erect penis. Given that in a newish relationship, the first time one see’s a NEW penis, it is most likely well on it’s way to being erect…negating the attractiveness study results.

    Enter the show-er vs. grow-er conundrum. Some “small” (thereby unattractive?!) flaccid cocks increase substantially in length/girth/volume, while some impressive (thereby attractive?!) penii merely become hard with little to no substantial gains in dimension.

    Given that the images were computer generated, one wonders why the study authors didn’t portray hard “virtual” cocks on the various body shapes?

  2. nakedasnatureintended May 7, 2013 at 4:32 pm · ·

    The sad fact is that a penis is not really a very attractive item! I cannot think of an occasion when I have seen a guy naked & found myself thinking”Ooh, that looks really gorgeous, I want that inside me”! Feeling a flaccid penis become hard…now that is a different matter, regardless of how large/long it is.

    • Cunning Minx May 19, 2013 at 10:51 pm · ·

      Agreed. I’ve said for quite a while that men are “kinda funny-lookin'” naked! But then, I probably would have skewed the study if I’d participated, being a sapiosexual. Hard for me to rate attractiveness before I hear what he has to say.

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